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2018 Junior Summer Sculling Programs

!!! Meet our coaches !!!

  • Ali Brooks: Ali is a ski instructor at Big Sky, MT, and an outdoor trip leader in the Whites. Ali coached Junior Sculling & Racing last summer, and we hear kids are excited to have her back.
  • Grace Hollowell: "I currently am an Assistant Coach for Dartmouth Women's Crew, and have coached at the high school, D3, and D1 level. When not coaching, I can be found cooking, hiking, or eating sour gummy worms."
  • Casey Kelsey: Casey learned to row in high school at St. Paul's, rowed at Brown, and now is Head Coach of Girl's Crew at Choate.
  • Heidi Robbins: "Hi! I'm Heidi and am thrilled to be returning to the Upper Valley and the beautiful CT River to begin medical school in August. I've spent the last 8 years in Princeton, NJ, graduating from college in 2013 and training since then with the US National Team. I loved coaching Mercer/Princeton National Rowing Association juniors and look forward to sharing my rowing enthusiasm with UVRF folks!"


Junior Sculling

In sculling, each rower holds 2 oars and rows in small boats. UVRF owns many sculling boats, including singles (one person), doubles (2 person), and quads (4 person) that are available to club members under certain conditions. If you are already a sweep rower, sculling is an excellent way to develop boat "feel," balance and technical skills.

In addition to the programs listed below, that are exclusively for juniors aged 14-22, the club offers Learn-to-Scull clinics for first-time rower-scullers and Free Sweep-to-Scull clinics for experienced sweep rowers.

Junior Club Members have the privilege of using club singles and doubles throughout the summer season on their own IF they have the requisite level of certification following the club sculling policies, and do at least one of the following:

- pay the Club Sculling Equipment Fee - offered to juniors at $100 for the entire season, or

- register for a Sweep Program (Leb Crew or Fall Junior Racing), or

- register for a Junior Sculling Clinic (see below) or a Learn-to-Scull Program (must become a member after program, if not already one) or

- register for Intermediate Coached Sculling Sessions

- pay for rented rack space.



Ali Duany, Leb Crew, UVRF Junior Rep

Andrew Duany, Leb Crew, UVRF Junior Rep

Cami Shipulski, Hanover Crew, UVRF Junior Rep

Heather Stafford, Hanover Crew, UVRF Junior Rep

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Summer Junior Sculling Clinics - 1 week each

Experienced sculling clinics: previous sculling experience is required

Beginner sculling clinics: you must have at least one season of high school rowing experience or permission from the coach (email club). Previous sculling experience is not required.

Absolute beginner clinic: If you have never rowed before (sweep or scull) you may register for Clinic 5a, "Never Ever Rowed".

UVRF Junior Membership is a prequisite (Leb Crew are already UVRF members).  Ages: 14-22

Please note that any clinic that under-enrolls may be subject to cancellation. If that is ever the case, we will notify all participants by email on the Friday prior to the start of the clinic.

If you have any questions about which clinic is appropriate, please contact Erika at

Clinics are (somewhat) color coded: MORNING   EVENING   RACE-EVENING  NEVER-EVER-ROWED-MORNING

Clinic 1: Jun 18-22  Mon-Fri MORNING, 7:30-9:00am     CANCELED

                             Coach: Ali Brooks  Max: 8  Cost: $125
                             Experienced scullers only
Clinic 2a: June 25-29 Mon-Fri MORNING, 7:30-9:00am
                             Coach: Ali Brooks  Max: 8 Cost: $125

                             Beginner scullers (have sweep rowed,  but never sculled)

Clinic 2b: June 25-29 Mon-Fri EVENING, 5:00-6:30pm
                             Coaches: Heidi Robbins  Max: 8 Cost: $125
                             Experienced scullers only
Clinic 4: July 9-13  Mon-Fri EVENING, 5:00-6:30pm      CANCELED
                             Coach: Heidi Robbins   Max: 8  Cost: $125
                             Experienced scullers only
Clinic 5a: July 16-20  Mon-Fri MORNING, 7:30-9:00am   
                             Coach: Erika Dade  Max: 6  Cost: $125
                             NEVER EVER ROWED BEFORE novice scullers
Clinic 5b: July 16-20  Mon-Fri EVENING, 5:00-6:30pm   
                             Coach: Heidi Robbins   Max: 8  Cost: $125
                             Experienced scullers only
Clinic 7: July 30-Aug 4 Sweeps&Sculls Race Prep, Mon-Fri EVENING, 5:30-7:00pm   
                             Coaches: Heidi Robbins   Max: 8  Cost: $125+$30 race fees
                             Experienced scullers only. Competing at Sweeps&Sculls in Providence, RI, Sat 8/4
Clinic 9: Aug 13-17   Mon-Fri MORNING, 7:30-9:00am   
                             Coaches: Casey Kelsey   Max: 8  Cost: $125
                             Experienced scullers only
REGISTER HERE for Summer Junior Sculling Clinics


UVRF Scholarships are available upon confidential application. Just email to receive info and application form.