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UVRF Sculling Equipment Policy

** Certification for use at home and away

I.   General Discussion

II.  Club Singles and Doubles

III. Racing Singles

IV.  Racing Doubles

V.   Racing Quads

VI.  Quad and Double Race Reservation Policy

I. General Discussion
Approved use of the UVRF racing sculling equipment for unsupervised rows on our home stretch of river and on away race courses follows a progression of certifications. To advance from the club ("recreational") singles and doubles to the racing doubles and quads requires many rowed miles of experience with a record of responsible navigation, compliance with club policies, commitment to the club as demonstrated by volunteer activity, and demonstrated care for the equipment.

Certification is required for two very important reasons: safety and safety. UVRF policies reflect our club's concern for the safety of our members and of those who row with them or near them. We also need to keep our equipment safe and in good condition; we collectively own expensive gear that club members have worked hard to fundraise and pay for.

Scullers may gain experience to advance to the next level by rowing in recreational singles and doubles, and by rowing in the racing doubles and quads with certified bow or "toes", with qualified "Instructor" scullers, and by rowing while accompanied by a coach in a launch.

There is a higher threshold of experience required for taking the racing doubles and quads to an away course. Even away courses require differing skill levels; racing a buoyed 1000m US Rowing Regatta course is easy in comparison to the highest difficulty course, the Head of the Charles. It takes many miles of experience in singles and doubles, and experience steering in race conditions to prepare for toeing a quad on an away course. Scullers accumulate mileage and gain experience under race conditions in our programs, in private lessons, in weekly club scrimmages, at regattas, and by investing hours of practice and racing on their own in the "club" singles and doubles or in privately owned shells.

All scullers are required to be familiar with UVRF Sculling policies, and it is strongly recommended that single scullers and bow seats of any unsupervised boats wear “high visibility” clothing. Notwithstanding the foregoing, any advancement may be made at the discretion of the UVRF President in consultation with the Sculling Steward or the Executive Committee.


II. Club Singles and Doubles
NOTE: Unsupervised row means rowing not in the presence of a dock monitor, a qualified club member or a coach.

Club Recreational 1x (Zephyr, Mass Aero, Maas 24) and Club 2x (Blue Bayou (blue Hudson), Blew By Who (red Hudson))

– Base certification for unsupervised sculling

1. Pass Captain's Test (administered in Sweep to Scull (S2S), Learn to Scull (L2S), Junior Sculling programs, or by an Instructor Level sculler) in a club single
2. PLEASE NOTE: The Zephry, Aeros and Maas 24s must be carried by two people so you must either row during hours when a dock monitor is present or with a buddy.


III. Racing Singles 

Racing 1x (Peinert 25 and 26)

Pass Captain's Test and demonstrate the following in a racing single:

1. remove/replace boat in rack, carry boat, put boat in/out of water unassisted. Club members who cannot carry the boat unassisted can still pass the Captain's test and use the racing singles, but will be limited to rowing during hours when a dock monitor is present or with a buddy to assist them in carrying the boat.
2. turn competently in both directions
3. emergency stop from at least 20SPM at full pressure without flipping
4. land bow first and land stern first
5. launch mid-dock without assistance

IV. Racing Doubles

Any member may row in a racing 2x with a racing certified bow seat or accompanied by a coach.

Racing 2x BOW at home

1. Qualified to row a racing single.
2. >100 miles of cumulative experience in bow of a club double, supervised racing double, or in a racing single (about 16 rows to Chieftain)
3. Evaluation of skills in bow by an Instructor Level Sculler (Level A or B)

Racing 2x BOW away

1. Qualified to bow a racing double at home.
2. >200 miles of cumulative experience in bow of a double or in a racing single
3. Participation in a minimum of 2 club scrimmages in bow of a double (racing or club).
4. Evaluation of skills in bow by an Instructor Level Sculler (Level A or B)

Rowers who are qualified to bow a racing double in an away race and have participated in at least one club race scrimmage as bow of a double may begin to earn qualifications to toe a quad (4x) under supervised conditions described in the next section.

V. Racing Quads

Quads are fast boats rowed without a cox, and special attention must be paid to safety concerns. A quad must always be accompanied by an approved coach or Level C, B or A Sculler during the entire row. The quad may be launched from the sculling dock, or from the Dartmouth dock during the hours contracted for coached programs and during UVRF special events (e.g. the Prouty or the UVRF Summer Picnic).

Supervised Rowing in Quads:
Any member may row in a quad if they are accompanied by a Coach or a Level C, B or A Sculler. UVRF members may learn to steer/”toe” a quad at the discretion of, and only if accompanied by, a Coach or a level B or A sculler either in a launch or in the boat.

Unsupervised Rowing in Quads:
Upon recommendation by the appropriate Coach and/or Level B or Level A Sculler and approval by the President or his or her designee, proficient steerers who have Racing 2x Bow Away certification may be approved to take out a quad unsupervised at the following levels. It is strongly recommended that the person in the bow seat of an unsupervised quad wear “high visibility” clothing.

Level C: Unsupervised 4x Toe - Home River:
After sufficient practice steering, and with the recommendation of two or more Level B and/or Level A scullers, a member may request Level C certification. This allows the member to toe the quads on our home river without outside or onboard supervision.

Level B: Unsupervised 4x Toe - Home River Instructor
After sufficient practice at Level C, and with the recommendation of two or more Level B and/or Level A scullers, a member may request Level B certification as an instructor. At Level B members can teach others to steer and can make recommendations for qualification to a Level C or B Sculler.

Level A: Unsupervised 4x Toe - Home and Away River Instructor
A member may request this Level after further experience and upon recommendation of two or more Level A Scullers. This level is required to steer/toe the boat anywhere other than Hanover. At Level A members can teach others to steer and can make recommendations for qualification to a Level C, B or A Sculler.

Supervision by a Coach:
When a quad is supervised by a coach, the coach must be in a position to closely monitor the quad’s course and proximity to other water craft at all times, and enforce immediate correction if the boat presents a hazard to others on the water. The launch must carry standard safety equipment including life jackets (Kippy kits). The coach is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the row, including the carry to and from the dock. Rowers are responsible for any fee the coach may charge. Current UVRF coaches, Dartmouth, HHS or LHS coaches may coach the quad. Any coaches not employed during the calendar year by the aforementioned programs must be approved by the President or his or her designee.

Restrictions on weather conditions:
All UVRF sculling safety guidelines apply to the quad, with the following exceptions:

1) Regardless of the qualifications of the rowers, the quad may not be rowed in low visibility situations without an accompanying launch as outlined above. Low visibility situations include fog where the Vermont shore is not clearly visible from the sculling dock, and before sunrise, or after sunset, as defined in the UVRF sculling safety guidelines:

2) If accompanied by a launch carrying proper safety equipment (life jackets, ladder), rowers in the quad are exempt from the life jacket requirement under cold water rules.

Reservation Process:
Reservation requests on the racing boats calendar should include the name of the Level C, B or A Sculler or the coach.

Log Book Process:
The name of the Level C, B or A Sculler or the coach should go in the name column. Each sculler and their seat number should be recorded in the comment column of the log sheet.

VI.  Quad and Double Race Reservation Policy
UVRF members who wish to race a double or quad at a regatta must:

1) have a qualified Away racing bow or toe
2) submit their request using the racing boat reservation calendar
3) assume liability for the insurance deductible if the boat is not traveling on a UVRF trailer.

Lineups with more UVRF members have priority over those with fewer. If double or quad reservations of equal priority have conflicting race times or venues then rowers should try to work out a solution amongst themselves. If they cannot resolve the conflict they may appeal to the UVRF President to arbitrate a solution in consultation with the Sculling Steward.

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