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The Upper Valley Rowing Foundation is the home for community rowing in and around the Upper Connecticut River Valley. We offer a wide variety of programs and opportunities - we hope that you will come and join us out on the river.
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UVRF at Head of the Fish
  This Halloween, Saturday, 31 October Saturday, 45 members...
UVRF at the Head of the Charles
  On Saturday, 17 October, 32 members of UVRF, made up of...
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UVRF at Head of the Fish

Men's Masters 4+ at Head of the Fish


This Halloween, Saturday, 31 October Saturday, 45 members of UVRF, including coach Chuck Nagle, traveled to Saratoga Springs, New York to race in the Head of the Fish Regatta. The Head of the Fish is home to the Saratoga Rowing Association and drew 2100 entries for two full days of racing. The course is 2.25 miles long on Fish Creek, a tributary to Lake Saratoga. The weather was cold and overcast with temps from the low thirties for the early races rising to the high forties by the afternoon with a light headwind.


Results are as follows:

Men’s Masters 1x (50-59)

First place (of 19) -- John Tunicliffe 11:59.70

Women’s Masters 1x (40-49)

2nd place (of 8) Rowan Carrol 14:20.06

8th place (of 8) Jen Friend 16:29.99

Women’s Masters 1x (50-59)

2nd place (of 15) Erika Dade 14:4.10

11th place (of 15) Ann Bracken 15:42.94

Women’s Masters Lightweight 1x (130 lb)

10th place (of 12) Deborah Hannam 15:58.16

Women’s Veteran 1x

3rd place (of 6) Liz Marshall 14:41.36

Men’s Master’s 8+

1st place (of 14) Peter Kermond (rowing for Free Radicals A) 10:8.48

2nd place (of 14) John Tunicliffe (rowing for Free Radicals B) 10:14.06

3rd place (of 14) 10:38.49 (Silver Medal for finishing second in the “A” Division)

C: Heather Stafford, S: Michael Stafford, 7: Dan Haedrich, 6: Tim Rooney, 5: Dave Muller, 4: Terry Harwood, 3: Paul Gross, 2: Tim Cox, B: Colin Tindall

7th place (of 14) 11:20.10 (Bronze Medal for finishing third in the “B” Division)

C: Annie Olsen, S: Shawn Whalen, 7: Roelof Versteeg, 6: Nick Wright, 5: Steffan Haider, 4: Bob Haynes, 3: Mike Landgraf, 2: Nat Pierson, B: Win Piper

Women’s Masters 8+

7th place (of 20) 12:44.41

C: Sydney Bish, S: Ann Kraybill, 7: Laura Gillespie, 6: Dawn Carey, 5: Michelle Oser-Prost, 4: Deb Dufty, 3: Elizabeth Glenshaw , 2: Maria Laskaris, B: Kelly Dent

Women’s Open 1x

15th place (of 18) Jenn Friend 17:43.89

Men’s Masters 2x

1st place (of 24) S: John Tunicliffe, B: Peter Kermond, 11:40.33

Women’s Masters 2x

1st place (of 24) S: Rowan Barroll, B: Carin Reynolds  13:20.22

Men’s Master’s 4+

4th place (of 18) 12:14.53

S: Shawn Whalen, 3: Roelof Versteeg, 2: Nick Wright: B: Colin Tindall, C: Annie Olsen

6th place (of 18) 12:19.11 (Bronze Medal for finishing third in “B” Division) 

S: Michael Stafford, 3: Terry Harwood, 2: Tim Cox, B: Bob Haynes C: Heather Stafford

Women’s Master’s 4+

6th place (of 22) 14:8.50

S: Ann Kraybill, 3:Michelle Oser-Prost , 2: Dawn Carey, B : Laura Gillespie, C: Sydney Bish

10th place (of 22) 14:25.19 (Bronze Medal for finishing third in “B” Division) 

S: Noelle Conaty, 3: Elizabeth Glenshaw, 2: Susan Brighton, B: Meg Sheehan, C: Molly Cook

Men’s Masters 4x

1st place (of 14) 10:30.56

S: Peter Kermond, 3: John Tunicliffe, 2: Bill Purdy, B: Mike Totta

4th place (of 14) 11:37.29 (Gold Medal for winning “B” Division)

S: Dave Muller, 3: Dan Haeidrich, 2; Paul Gross, B: Tim Rooney

Women’s Masters 4x-

3rd place (of 26) 12:13.48

S: Rowan Carroll, 3: Carin Reynolds, 2: Ann Bracken, B: Erika Dade

7th place (of 26) 13:9.13 (Silver Medal for finishing second in “B” Division)

S: Deborah Hannam, 3: Jennifer Friend, 2: Peggy Sadler, B: Liz Marshall

Mixed 2x-

6th place (of 8) s: Kate Rooney, B: Tim Rooney 14:35.56

Mixed 8+

7th place (of 32) 11:54.55

C: Sydney Bish,  S: Bill Purdy, 7: Mike Totta, 6: Peter Kermond, 5: Rowan Carroll, 4: Ann Bracken, 3: Erika Dade, 2: Paul Gross, B: Carin Reynolds


by posted 11/20/2015
UVRF at the Head of the Charles


On Saturday, 17 October, 32 members of UVRF, made up of 17 scullers, a women's four, and the men's sweep team coached by Chuck Nagle, traveled to Boston to race in the 51st Head of the Charles Regatta.

11,000 athletes competed in 2,222 entries representing 776 rowing clubs while 400,000 spectators lined the banks of the Charles River to watch the best racing of the fall season. The course is 4800 meters long and has multiple bridges and turns. The weather was sunny and cold with temps in the high forties and a 20-knot headwind at the start. After the BU Bridge (300 meters in), the whitecaps were gone and the wind lessened to 10 knots.

A special 'thank you' to Dartmouth College Crew for transporting the UVRF oars and shells to the racecourse and back to the boathouse.

Results are as follows:

Men's Senior Veteran Single Scull I and II

John Wasson
Place= 23rd of 50 entries

Townsend Swayze
Place= (8th of 14 in age group) 29th of 50 entries

Director's Challenge Parent and Child Double Scull
Stroke: Blair Brooks
Bow: Alexandra Brooks
Place= 19th of 40 entries
Time= 21:56.479

Stroke: Owen Versteeg
Bow: Roelof Versteeg
Place= 28th of 40 entries
Time: 22:53.462

Men's Senior Master's Eight (+)
Stroke: Mike Stafford
7: Dan Haedrich
6: Tim Rooney
5: Dave Muller
4: Terry Harwood
3: Paul Gross
2: Tim Cox
1: Colin Tindall
Cox: Derek Cosentino
Place= 22 of 56 entries
Time: 17:31.263

Men's Club Single Scull
Steffen Haider
Place= 22 of 39 entries
Time= 20:43.823

Men's Youth Double Scull
Stroke: Drew Tengdin
Bow: Alexander Margotta
Place= 29 of 51 entries
Time= 19:38.818

Erika Dade, Ann Bracken, and Rowan Carroll rowed with A. Fleet (Narragansett) as a composite entry in the Director's Challenge Women's Quadruple Scull
Place= 8 of 34 entries
Time= 19:32.488

Longtime UVRF member Fred Cressman rowed with the Foss Hill Boat Club in the Men's Senior Masters Eight(+)
Place= 53 of 56 entries
Time= 20:42.846

Notable mention goes to the Women's Senior Master's Four (+); they earned the gold medal out of 49 entries. Congratulations!
Stroke: Rowan Carroll
3: Anne Boucher
2: Erika Dade
Bow: Ann Bracken
Cox: Elizabeth Bernal
Time= 20:31.641

Notable mention also goes to Liz Marshall in the Women's Veteran Single Scull event.
Place= (2d of 18 in age group) 11th of 58 entries
Time= 24:59.461

Notable mention also goes to the Men's Senior Master's Double Scull; they earned silver out of 33 entries.
Stroke: John Tunnicliffe
Bow: Peter Kermond
Time: 18:46.748

Notable Mention also goes to Peggy Sadler in the Women's Senior Veteran II Single Scull
Place= (2nd of 6 in age group) 33rd out of 58 entries
Time= 27:01.422

Notable mention also goes to Carin Reynolds who rowed with Tracy Glover (Narragansett) as a composite entry in the Women's Senior masters Double Scull.
Place= 3 of 39 entries
Time= 21:15.388

Carin also placed 3d of 34 entries in the Director's Challenge Women's Quadruple Scull as a member of Lucky Charms

Nice racing everyone!

by posted 10/27/2015
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